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Art Direction / Branding / Design / UX

Summit Bank Simple Touch

Product Overview

Summit Bank Simple Touch was created in 2012 for small bank customers to engage their banking accounts more easily via a mobile device. At the time of design, this app complied with best practices on the Android Jelly Bean™ platform.

Initial Problem

Forresters’ Customer Experience Index determined that banks rank 6th in overall client satisfaction.1 Banking customers do not feel as though banking apps make their lives easier, and often frustrate more than they help.2 Many times they are not branded well, and present disjointed experiences.


Design a re-branded mobile app experience that articulates a unified brand language across all platforms

Establish core architecture for a mobile banking application

Empower customers to access account balances intuitively

Use visual design to support the brand and communicate interactions

Mobile Banking

Simple Touch

Experience Strategy & Vision

Looking at mobile banking in from 2008-2012, I was able to shape a strategy, brand framework and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and brand language. The visual framework was structured to help users engage the brand on every level, from iconography to interactions.

Design Execution

The prototypes developed below were part of a structured approach to an application. It was developed and tested with stakeholders and potential customers, as I had a limited budget and no access to end-users.


The re-branded mobile app experience delivers a unified brand language

Established a core architecture that facilitates engagement

Account balances are easy to access and are in the first layer of interaction

Visual design supports the brand and interactions


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